Order Processing Software for Eamar Plastics

September 1987

Eamar Plastics is a leading producer of customised PVC and polypropylene packaging and stationery products.

The Personal Computer was becoming an important tool in industry and Eamar Plastics saw the benefits in using this new technology to administer their Order Processing system, which included:

  • Recording orders received over the Phone or via fax.
  • Ensuring that costing’s and Material routings where correct and agreed upon with the customer, before going to Production.
  • Identify Tooling requirements.
  • Send Order confirmation back to the customer.
  • Create Production Orders for the Factory.
  • Track Production Progress.
  • Packaging and Delivery.
  • Sales Reports
  • Customer Follow-up

The Solution

Computer Craft engineered and designed an Order Processing application that adhered to the Customer Requirements. The coding and development process was broken into small sections and tested in parallel to the currently Manual system, then in place.

Technologies Deployed

  • Microsoft DOS running on a Stand alone computer.
  • Nantucket Clipper



Eamar Plastics used this software for 23 years before upgrading to a WPF solution.