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Computer Associates - Certified Consulting Partner

The Consulting Partners Program supports consulting businesses that provide value-added services, technical expertise, and strong business practices to compliment CA's solutions-driven organization.

Computer Associates

An increasing number of businesses are relying on professional services firms to help position their business as an electronic enterprise by making their IT assets work for them. As a result, the consulting industry has emerged with widespread opportunity for those with a broad base of technical knowledge and business experience.

Computer Associates understands that in order to provide these extended levels of expertise they must continually foster dynamic relationships with leading technology partners. Computer Associates strives to leverage their strategic business relationships in an effort to offer the widest range of solutions and resources in the industry today.

Microsoft Certified Partner 2003-2008

Microsoft Certified Partners are channel partners who sell, develop, support and train using Microsoft products.

Microsoft Certified Partner

The training, tools and technical support provided, enables certified partners to take advantage of the latest technologies available from Microsoft.