Does your Council Measure up?

June 2002

Measures has for many years provided statistics to Local Government by way of paper based reports, delivered on an annual basis. At the beginning of each reporting period it was 'full on' to:

  1. Collect the data and
  2. Distribute the results to their customers.

The Internet had in most Government Agencies become an excepted format for delivery of information, and the Measures statistics was to become another on-line information source.

The task was how to deliver on-line the statistics for 76 District and City Councils as well as the 10 Regional Councils and each customer wanting to see some 60 different statistics in graphical format.

The Solution

Microsoft ASP.Net technology and C# Object Orientated language was deployed. Because of the repetitive nature of the reporting, Computer Craft found that the where able to keep coding to a minimum. All output was stored on a SQL Server 2000 and the website was data driven.

Technologies Deployed

Measures is a ASP.Net solution written in C#. The site is data-driven using SQL Server 2000.