Rosmini College one step ahead.

November 1986

'Rosmini College' were pioneers in introducing computers into the classroom. As is the case when you have been exposed to computers for the first time, it becomes apparent what other uses a computer can be put too.

The school administration saw benefits in having a 'Student Management System', where the school role and the class timetables could be managed electronically.

The School approached Computer Craft to provide a database tool that could be used in-house. They wanted the initial database, screens and backend logic to be provided by Computer Craft , but when this first stage was completed any further development would be done in-house. The software needed to run on a Commodore 8000 series Computer.

The Solution

Computer Craft introduced the office staff at Rosmini College to 'Superbase' which was a relational database application tool designed by Precision Software Ltd in the UK.

The selling point for the school was that they could see the ease of use of the product. After the first demonstration they were able to design a first cut of what the pupil database would look like.

Two Months later they had a Student Management System up and running and they could only look back and ask, "How did we manage before?"

Computer Craft had provided all the software as well as designing and developing the backend logic for the solution.

Technologies Deployed

'Superbase' ran on a Commodore 8000 series Computer, coupled to a 15" Dot-matrix printer.