ISM - An Industrial Safety and Loss Control Management Recording and Analysis System


ISM is a unique and versatile computerised industrial safety and loss management recording & analysis system.

Health & Safety Management conforming to Occupational Health and Safety guidelines (OSH) have an obligation to record Incidents/Accidents that happen in the workplace.

ISM offers management an interface to record all aspects about Incidents that have occurred, which is then coupled with a very comprehensive ad-hoc reporting facility.

ISM is essentially aimed at :

  • Documenting an incident event
  • Documenting the follow-up action required and those responsible to carry out such action.
  • Providing incident follow-up measures, so to ensure all incidents are investigated.
  • Providing incident cause analysis measures.
  • Providing incident Statistics measurements.
  • Tracking the cost, of an incident.
  • Keep Management informed on performance and trends.

Manually recording and collating Incident data is extremely time consuming and can sometimes be lumbering, particularly in large organisations, where there are several operating divisions and a large work force. This usually results in the in the job being put on the backburner.

Management need to have the ability to record workplace incidents and accidents, electronically, and only then is it possible to ensure that all incidents are investigated. ISM encourages management to follow-up reported incidents and hazards, with the view of minimising recurrence, which in turn means minimising the work injury and lost time injury frequency rate, among employees.


ISM is designed to provide an environment to collect & manage incident data, which may come from various sources. The data collected will provide the resources for an effective investigation, and also provide trends, cause analysis and safeguarding solutions. Deploying ISM as your preferred solution will lead to a reduction of costly accident/incidents in the workplace.

Data recording is essential for both injuries and hazards. However, just recording the information is not sufficient. It is also necessary to analyses the data to determine the underlying patterns, estimate the future liabilities, plan and implement hazard improvement programmes and to produce information for the regulatory authorities and employees.


Through a reduction in damage to plant, production down time and lost time incidents, the small investment in ISM can be easily recouped within a short time.

ISM has been targets large organisations that are geographically wide-spread. This could be a single company with many branches or a parent company, with many subsidiaries. The software has this unique ability to record the information on a country wide (or worldwide) basis, and storing all input to a single database. Reporting can thus be easily produced on a organisation basis, branch/subsidiary basis or limited to an area of responsibility basis. The reporting interface provides a tool that makes it just as simple to produce the report for the Plant Manager in Timbuktu, depicting Incident/event performance in his area of responsibility, as it is to produce a report to the Managing Director, which summarises the overall performance of the entire organisation.

ISM is designed to ask What, Where, When, Why, Who and How?

The system records:

  • Incidents that have occurred in, around or outside the workplace.
  • Hazards that are in, around or outside the workplace.
  • International Safety Rating System Cause analysis.
  • Damage to plant and associated cost.
  • Production down time costs.
  • Recommended follow-up action.
  • Operator and/or witness details.
  • Injury details including Injury category, type of Injury, part of body breakdown, and Medical treatment and the associated cost.
  • Lost time days and costs.
  • Person(s) responsible to carry out follow-up action, as well as what action is expected of them.



If your safety co-ordination duties involve a special task, or the organisation operates slightly different to how ISM thinks, then we can customise the software to suit your needs. Our development staff has the expertise to ascertain your requirements and to work closely with you, the customer, to produce the required result.

What our users say

ISM has been a available since 1987, and has hundreds of users that can provide feedback. The feedback we receive goes towards making the product even better!

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