Cater Holt Harvey Forests deploy Health & Safety Management Software nation-wide.

September 1997

Cater Holt Harvey Forests (CHHF) is the largest owner and manager of plantation forests in New Zealand. They are responsible for harvesting, log-making and the sales and marketing of logs.

When it came to Health & Safety Management each Hub throughout New Zealand had there own way of doing things. The methods of recording included Excel Spreadsheets, Access Databases and sometime it was only paper based and not recorded on any Computer System.

CHHF was aware of ISM and how it was deployed at Fletcher Forests. They invited Computer Craft to bring them a proposal that would provide a nation-wide solution to their Health and Safety Management requirements.

The Solution

Computer Craft had already before they were contacted by CHHF, started rewriting there DOS based ISM software to a Windows 95 version using the Computer Associates Toolset called 'Visual Objects'. This feature rich GUI interface provided two important features that where required to produce a solution for CHHF. They were 'Object Orientation' and "COMS" technology.

Computer Craft developed a dCom solution.

Technologies Deployed

Using Computer Associates 'Visual Objects' and Microsoft's DCOM technology Computer Craft developed a solution, which consisted of two applications. The Server application resided on a NT Server on the CHHF network. This application servered data requests from the client application which where distributed out New Zealand, at all the CHHF Offices.