Forestry Corporation role out ISM as preferred Health & Safety Solution

June 1994

Health & Safety Management at Forestry Corporation of New Zealand, where experiencing delays and inaccuracy in Monthly Reporting. The existing system of recording and reporting was having many diverse systems at different locations, all using a Methodology of their own. The process they where deploying to produce Management reports for the entire organisation was cumbersome and sometimes lead to inaccuracies.

The Solution

Forestry Corporation of New Zealand Ltd had last year implemented the ISM Health & Safety Management Software designed and developed by Computer Craft . The Forestry Corporation of New Zealand Management investigated further and concluded that this same solution, could with very little effort be deployed Company wide.

The advantages were the ability to report on all sectors of the organisation, either individually or company wide. Monthly Reporting, which in the past took hundreds of Man-hours to collate and publish, was brought down to a few hours a month. Incident reporting was also a feature ISM provided which before was minimal. Both Company Supervisors and Contractors were now able to have real-time reporting on Health & Safety issues.

Technologies Deployed

ISM ran in a MS-DOS environment on the Forestry Corporation of New Zealand Network.