Rating Impact Tool deployed at Wairoa District Council.

March 2011

Wairoa District Council has been deploying the “Rating Calculation Tool” designed and developed by Computer Craft , for several years.

The process of striking the new rates for a community, needs to address the question as to what impact the new rates have on the property owner? While this was always being done in the past, the test was against a static list of sample properties.

Calculating the high and low impact by District and Land Use Categories was difficult to ascertain.

The Solution

Computer Craft added a feature to the Rating Calculation Tool that calculated what impact the new rates would have on the community.

The solution highlights the highest and Lowest Impact on the proposed new rates broken down into district and the type of land use.

Technologies Deployed

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).


My SQL .Net Connector