Share Club Portfolio Software (SCP)

For the New Zealand (NZSE) and Australian (ASX) Share Market only!

Windows Server 2003 Certified

How do you distribute Financial and Share Club Portfolio reports to your Share Club? Are your members only getting this information when they attend a meeting?

Then you need SCP!

By recording the clubs Share Portfolio, Share Trading (Buys & Sells), and Cash Book on an Excel Workbook, and storing the workbook on your Web site, then SPC will publish the financial standing of your club in real time. SPC will value your shares in real time and provide your members with a picture of how the club is performing at that moment in time.

How does it work?

Using a MS Excel Workbook, you create Worksheets that record the following:

  • The Share Portfolio.
  • Share Trading.
  • Cash Book transactions.

When you wish to publish this information to your members, then simply FTP a copy of the Worksheet to your website.

The Share Portfolio

This workbook has columns that record the Exchange, Abbreviation, Number of Shares held and the cost of Ownership.

The only Exchanges that are support are NZSE and ASX. The cost of Ownership is calculated from your Share Trading Worksheet.

Share Trading

For each trade you record the Date, Abbreviation, Number of Shares, Share Price, Exchange Rate, and Brokerage Fees. By entering this information for each trade, the system is able to calculate the Cost of Ownership, which is used by the Share Portfolio Worksheet. Any bonus issues can also be recorded here.

Cash Book

This worksheet uses a Multi Columns Style Cashbook, which many of us are familiar with. You have your regular Date, Description, Debit, Credit, Balance columns and the analysis columns there-after can be user defined.

Publishing this information on the WWW

SCP is able to read the information you have recorded on the above-mentioned worksheets, and it does just that. However at the same time, because you have detailed the Stock Exchange and the Abbreviation, it is able to value your shareholding holding in real time. Furthermore if you have overseas shares SCP will use the current exchange rate.

Profit & Loss

The application also has enough data now to calculate the profit and loss situation. The business logic is:

  • This is how much our shares are worth.
  • This is how much money we have in the Bank.
  • Take away what the Members have contributed.
  • The difference is the profit (or loss) at that moment in time.

Member’s Net Worth

SCP can also publish a members net worth. The business logic is:

  • This is how much our shares are worth.
  • This is how much money we have in the Bank.
  • Divide the above by the number of Members.
  • The answer is the Net Worth for each Member of your share Club.


SCP has a secure front end, which means only the people that know the password, can access the site and read the information. You can change the password as often as you like.

The Gotcha's

Windows Server 2003 Certified

SPC runs on the .Net Framework, which your Web Server must support. If you have a Web site that does not support the .Net Framework, then we can provide that service also (see Web Hosting Service). Note that our Web Site hosting is for 1,000Mb of data, so you would not want to just have the share portfolio on this site.

How Much

SPC can be purchased for $100 (Aust or NZ), plus freight & Packaging. On receipt of your payment we will email the application to you.


If your Share Club Reporting is not quite the same as we have presented here, then we can customise the software to suit your needs. Our development staff have the expertise to ascertain your requirements and to work closely with you, the customer, to produce the required result.

Contact Us

If what you have read here is of interest to you, then the next step is to contact us. We will then send you a fuller description of the product, which includes sample screen shots, and reports.