MS SQL Database Hosting Service

A MS SQL Database Hosting Service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their database accessible via the World Wide Web.

Our MS SQL Database Hosting Service plans use Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

MS SQL Database Hosting can be purchased as a standalone service, or as a service to complement our Web Hosting Service.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is a comprehensive, integrated, end-to-end data solution that empowers your people by providing a more secure, reliable, and productive platform for enterprise data and BI applications. To manage Microsoft SQL Server 2016 you will require SQL Server Management Studio.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 delivers on Microsoft’s Data Platform vision by helping your organization manage any data, any place, any time. It enables you to store data from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents such as images, music, documents directly within the database. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 delivers a rich set of integrated services that enable you to do more with your data such as query, search, synchronize, report and analyse. Your data can be stored and accessed in your largest servers within the Data Centre all the way down to desktops and mobile devices, enabling you to have control over your data no matter where it is stored. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 enables you to consume your data within custom applications developed using Microsoft® .NET and Visual Studio® and within your service-oriented architecture (SOA) and business process through Microsoft® BizTalk® Server while information workers can access data directly in the tools they use every day such as the Microsoft® Office system. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 delivers a trusted, productive and intelligent data platform for all your data needs

The evoluation of Microsoft Data Platform.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Features

Our hosting service includes the following features:

Features at a Glance

Technology Supported
Common Language Runtime (CLR) IntegrationYes
Deep XML IntegrationYes
Notification ServicesYes
Integration ServicesYes
Full-text indexingYes
Database SnapshotsYes
Analysis ServicesNo
Data Transformation Services (DTS)Yes
Reporting ServicesYes
Data MiningNo
Database MirroringNo
Online Operations (Index Operations and Restore)Yes
Table and Index PartitioningYes
Snapshot IsolationYes

Common Language Runtime (CLR) Integration

Develop database objects using any Microsoft .NET language.

Deep XML Integration

A XML data type enabling the storage of XML fragments or documents in SQL Server databases.

Notification Services

Advanced notification capabilities for the development and deployment of scalable applications that can deliver personalized, timely information updates to a variety of connected and mobile devices.

Integration Services

Data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) capabilities for data warehousing and enterprise-wide data integration.

Full-text indexing

Many SQL Server problems can be solved without ever looking at full-text search. But it comes in very handy in one key scenario: when human beings are supplying search terms from their own head, instead of from a list. You may need to work at providing a good user interface for this facility, but if you have people searching through a large corpus of text, you should definitely consider full-text searching. The end result is likely to be a better application and happier users

Database Snapshots

The ability for database administrators to create instant, read-only views of a database. This database snapshot provides a stable view without the time or storage overhead of creating a complete copy of the database. As the primary database diverges from the snapshot, the snapshot adds its own copy of pages as they are modified. As a result, the snapshot may be used to quickly recover from an accidental change to a database by simply reapplying the original pages from the snapshot to the primary database.

Analysis Services

Analysis Services delivers extensions to the scalability, manageability, reliability, availability, and programmability of data warehousing, business intelligence, and line-of-business solutions.

Data Transformation Services (DTS)

A complete redesign of the DTS architecture and tools provides developers and database administrators with increased flexibility and manageability.

Reporting Services

A comprehensive solution for creating, managing, and delivering both traditional, paper-oriented reports and interactive, Web-based reports.

Online Operations (Index Operations and Restore)

The ability to create, rebuild, or drop an index online is an enhanced feature of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 that augments the indexing capabilities of earlier versions of SQL Server. The online index option allows concurrent modifications (updates, deletes, and inserts) to the underlying table or clustered index data and any associated indexes during index data definition language (DDL) execution. With support for online index operations, you can add indexes without interfering with access to tables or other existing indexes. Additionally, the server workload allows index operations to take advantage of parallel processing. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 also introduces the ability to perform a restore operation while an instance of SQL Server is running. Online restoration capabilities improve the availability of SQL Server because only the data that is being restored is unavailable. The rest of the database remains online and available. Earlier versions of SQL Server require that you bring a database offline before you restore the database.

Table and Index Partitioning

Table and index partitioning eases the management of large databases by facilitating the management of the database in smaller, more manageable chunks. While the concept of partitioning data across tables, databases, and servers is not new to the world of databases, Microsoft SQL Server 2016 provides a new capability for the partitioning of tables across file groups in a database. Horizontal partitioning allows for the division of a table into smaller groupings based on a partitioning scheme. Table partitioning is designed for very large databases, from hundreds of gigabytes to terabytes and beyond.

Snapshot Isolation

After data is copied, transformed, and archived to an analysis-oriented database, it must be maintained and/or rebuilt periodically. Users certainly benefit from looking at a transactionally consistent version of the database; however, the version of the data that they are viewing is no longer current. It can take many hours to build and index the data and that might not be what the user really needs. This is where snapshot isolation is helpful. The snapshot isolation level allows users to access the last row that was committed by using a transactionally consistent view of the database. This new isolation level provides the following benefits:

  • Increased data availability for read-only applications.
  • Non-blocking read operations allowed in an online transaction processing (OLTP) environment.
  • Automatic mandatory conflict detection for write transactions.
  • Simplified migration of applications from Oracle to SQL Server.

SQL Server Pricing

  Disk Space      
  Database Logs Price per annum  
Plan 1 25MB 13MB NZ$300 Note 1
Plan 2 50MB 25MB NZ$450 Note 1
Plan 3 100MB 50MB NZ$750 Note 1
Plan 4 250MB 150MB NZ$1,050 Note 1
Plan 5 500MB 250MB NZ$1,500 Note 1
  Note 1 GST is not included. GST will be added to the price for all New Zealand residents and businesses.

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